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If you’re here, you’re probably struggling with the challenges of being a people pleaser. Maybe you’re…

  • Afraid of being selfish.

  • Feeling like other people don’t care for you the way you do for them.

  • Feeling like you should be able to do more for others.

  • Feeling shame.

  • Struggling to trust others.

  • Struggling to set boundaries

  • Worrying that setting boundaries will hurt the people in your life.

  • Not able to trust yourself.

  • Not sure who you are and what you want.

  • Afraid that you could lose relationships if you’re more fully yourself.

  • Overwhelmed by never feeling safe to be your authentic self.

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I help people pleasers honor their caring nature while also valuing themselves.

Individual Therapy in Oregon & Utah

I feel so hopeful you can transform your life and find confidence in being yourself. Through this process, you can…

  • Begin to feel safe with your authentic self.

  • Engage in relationships where you don’t have to lose yourself.

  • Have balance in your life between your needs and other peoples’ needs.

  • Explore the world with curiosity instead of shame and fear.

  • Discover who you are.

  • Find more freedom to be yourself.

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Meet Amelia

I understand the struggles of being a people pleaser because I’ve been there myself. I grew up in a family environment where boundaries were seen as a threat and lived in a closed off culture that believed that saying “no” was personal rejection. It took a life tragedy for me to begin to question this way of being and explore who I am and what I want. I remember feeling alone on this journey. I would love to share what I have learned through this process with you, so that you can feel safe enough to discover who you are.


Therapy for People Pleasers

Are you afraid to ask for what you want or need for fear that it won’t be received well or that others will believe you’re selfish? Somtimes our people pleasing natures can show in our reluctance to set and keep boundaries with family, friends and others due to a feeling of "owing" those people or come from a sense of fear that if we don't do things for others, we will go unnoticed or unneeded. 

Are you afraid to set boundaries in relationships out of fear that they will leave? Or that “if they really knew you” they would leave or reject you?

I would be honored to explore how to balance the relationship with others with your relationship with yourself.

Therapy for New Therapists

Are you new to a helping field and find yourself feeling overwhelmed with your workload? Confused about how to balance your own needs and the care of your clients?


Do you find yourself over-identifying with your clients and having trouble setting boundaries? I am here to help you move towards a balanced and kind relationship with yourself and your clients. 

I would love to support and be your hype-person as you begin to dream of what is possible for you as a clinician and build a path to achieve it.

Therapy for Religious Trauma & Deconstruction

Often religion, spirituality, and strict family systems can create a specific road map to “how the world works”. When you begin questioning how you were raised and what you believe, it can feel like you are alone and overwhelmed by the discomfort of opposing what you have been taught.

It can be hard to express these differing beliefs and still feel connected to family and friends. It may even feel like everything you grew up to know is true about the world no longer exists, or at least doesn’t exist in the same way.

The gravity of religious and family systems may have pulled you back time and time again due to fear of losing a sense of belonging and fear of what happens if you embrace your truth. I am here to navigate with you the journey of rebuilding your world after it has crumbled.

Are you ready to reclaim your life? I'm excited to support you!

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